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EVENT: Music Artists revealed for "Join Da Crowd Audio Vol. 3"

Looking back this year from when the first post went up on Jan. 3rd, 2011 we've been through a few ups and downs with everything from campaigns to egos and through it all on July 4th we released
Join Da Crowd Audio Vol 2. "Regional Crowd All Stars"
that consisted of what we called our "Elite" group of artists.  More  info after the jump... 

Now let's fast forward 5 months to this present day and not only are the majority of the Elite still coming to us for promo but we've grown an even stronger bond with them and also did new business with new music artists because of them. So to congratulate these guys on their loyalty to us and our movement we've compiled our 3rd installment of the Join Da Crowd Audio series entitled...
"Out Wit Da Old In Wit Da New" meaning a new beginning, a new direction, a new purpose, a new position, a new passion, a new love, a bunch a new music artists and a bunch of new ways and ideas to not only keep the site afloat but to also take this talented group of Elite artist to the next level anyway we can. There are atleast 6 or 7 of these guys that deserve recording contracts and we'll try everything in our powers to push to make that dream a reality! So on Jan. 1st, 2012 get ready for
Join Da Crowd Audio Vol. 3 "Out Wit Da Old In Wit Da New"
We sincerely thank everybody that's been there from the beginning, those that came in when we got it popping and to those that are with us now. Fans, Supporters, Industry Insiders, Music Artists, Producers, DJ's, Business Associates and oh yeah The Haters! Much Love & have a Happy New Year!

- Da N Crowd Conglomerate Inc.  

Now for the list..... (in no particular order)
 1. @BagsTheBoss 2. @BlakMuzick 3. @BondzWorld 4. @LoKeys910 5. @TBlazeFME 6. @Loch121 7. @KnewEra 8. @ADriverSFR 9. @SparkakaPacman 10. @MavOfSolCamp 11. @CrushTheIcon 12. @ThaG5 13. @MyersLansky 14. @BrentHollis 15. @Young_FP  

Much Love to the "Elite 15" Be sure to Follow all these guys on Twitter and watch how they promo their music not only through us but in general! For future info on the official covers, tracklisting and sponsors keep an eye on the site or follow @JoinDaCrowd to stay updated!