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AUDIO: Motzy's Favorite Quotes from "Join Da Crowd Audio Vol. 3"

We gathered together all of Motzy's favorite quotes from the mixtape that he tweeted out and also updated on his Facebook page. We made a post for you guys to see them all together as well as the audio to listen to them with each one of the Elite 15's Twitter accounts. For those that don't know Motzy is the brain child behind this whole Da N Crowd Conglomerate Inc. x Join Da Crowd movement.  This may have never even existed if he didn't go forth with his vision and for the pass 2 1/2 years it has been going strong. Much Success Motz! By the way... That's actually him on the intro and outro to the mixtape. Sha Haa!!!

Check it all out after the Jump...

Knew Era
 "And thats a known Fact/
Yeah I got swag but that dont make up my raps" 
Song - "Good Mornin America" 

Barry Bondz
"Yall niggas focused on da dames & da bickery/Im only focused on tryna make history"
Song - "Hello" 

Lo Keys 
"Put the camera on the truth y'all can't question the fresh/
Verses hammer in the booth when I'm addressing the press" 
Song - "Light Up" 

Jus Smith
"I hold that torch like it's the olympics/There's no way you can walk in my Jordan Olympics"
Song - "Torch" 

Young FP
"A nigga like me stay G'd up... Gotta stay sucka-free'd up" 
Song - "Higher" 

"I learned dat shit from 3K look mama now Ima Big Boi/
I use 2 be in OutKast now Im in here makin big noise" 
Song - "Flight Skool"  

Mav Of Sol Camp
"Im in my zone now no time 2 slow down until we packin arenas & shows are sold out"
Song - "In My Zone" 

Brent Hollis
"Wit a backpack, pad & a pencil my flow was crafted/
Into something more than my dreams could ever even imagine"
Song - "Lyrics 2 Go" 

"Niggas want problems I bring da pain 4 em/Thirsty ass bitches in da club I make it rain 4 em"
Song - "Motivation" 

"Let me live my life you dont want no trouble/ Hustlin for everything gettin off my bundle"
Song - "The Bundle" 

Amir Driver 
"You niggas are crumb snatchers & Im out 2 get loaf/ I'm married 2 dat bread me & da money eloped" 
Song - "North to South" 

"My flow got em looking scared psychologist and gynecologist fuckin wit you pussies head"
Song - "Go" 

Myers Lansky
"Show me the dogs I'll tell him he's bitch/8 hour life, I double that shift" 
Song - "Merlin Ambrosius" 

"Me & Soon on Top, Now we gotcha/We just tryna sea-food like a lobster"
Song - "Hold On" 

"Yea u know da name I aint gotta say it twice/Broke niggas tryna make it rain couldnt pay da price" 
Song - "See You Later" 

Front and Back Covers and Download Below.