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PROFILE: Gabe Luchiano... The Hip-Hop Artist

Something different. Often this attempt is marked by a unique sound or a defining look that separates them from others. Other times, an artist may stand out because he simply does not care what others in his genre are doing. Boston's Gabe Luchiano is a hip-hop artist who has made it abundantly clear that his main reason for rapping is to tell it like it really is on the streets. His is a style that stands in stark contrast to much of the hip-hop that currently dominates popular radio, television, and print media.

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Luchiano has made how he feels about modern hip-hop very clear: "No one in the hood drives Bentley's or Porsche's. No one in the hood is clubbing 24 hours a day. Real soldiers in the struggle, like myself, are on the street corners trying to make something out of nothing. They are trying to turn water into wine...this is real life, real struggle, real pain." Considered a symbol of authenticity on some of Boston's tougher streets, Luchiano is intent on breathing new life into a genre that has lost much of its credibility with those who can't afford the luxuries often flaunted by today's artists.

As a child, Luchiano was inspired by artists who were able to paint vivid lyrical pictures of the ghetto. Artists like Nas, Jay-Z, and Wu Tang Clan spoke loudly, and more importantly, they spoke clearly. Likewise, Luchiano has refused to turn his back on those around him. He has connected with audiences throughout the Northeast because he has embraced his surroundings: "The ghetto inspires me...the beautiful struggle of trying to remain free and alive...inspires me." In short, Luchiano believes that he is speaking for those who are "trying to make the best of a bad situation."

People are now paying attention to Luchiano because he is attempting to bring hip-hop back to its Golden Age. He is quick to remind people that the genre started on the streets - not in the clubs, and definitely not on music television. He is developing a reputation as a young man who is more than capable of promoting himself, as evidenced by the 1,000 CDs he sold out of the trunk of his car. Luchiano is ready to take his message to the masses, as he is preparing to hit the road during the new year. If recent events are any indication, his spirited lyrics and unique rapping style will be warmly received. In an age when the majority of popular hip-hop is obsessed with the haves rather than the have- nots, Luchiano is quickly becoming the voice of those who struggle to speak for themselves. 

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