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PROFILE: Sahyba [Pop Artist] - Bio, Photos & Videos

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Sahyba born and raised in Los Angeles, California is of Indian decent. She comes from a family of talented musicians, starting with her grandfather, father and brother. By the age of 5, Sahyba knew she was destined to sing and dance, she would often be asked to sing at weddings, charity events and cultural festivals. Sahyba continued to sing traditional Bollywood music while playing the Indian instrument the Harmonium. Her passion for music soared and she followed her heart and soon began singing to the beats and rhythms of POP and R&B.

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Sahyba stands out, with her uniqueness of talents, diversity and enrichment of languages, speaking and singing in four different languages - Spanish, Hindi, Punjabi and English. Sahyba’s brother Prince Saheb, a music producer, being proud of his sisters beautiful voice and talent introduced her to friend George Lemore and Ray J (singer, songwriter, record producer and actor) of Vh1’s hit show, “For The Love Of Ray J”, known for dynamic single "Wait A Minute," and single double platinum, "Sexy Can I" and founder of Knockout Entertainment. Sahyba sang a tune for him and he was instantly captivated and amazed with the energy of her voice. From that moment on he was convinced she is young super star ready to blossom. From that moment on, doors opened for Sahyba leading her into the hands of Ray J’s independent record label "Knockout Entertainment".

Sahyba loves writing music and her first song “Marco Polo”, is due to be released nationally early 2012. The song was inspired by Sahyba’s childhood days of playing hide and seek. She says it reminds her to find love from the heart and be open to what is best for you. While producing Sahyba’s new music video, the news traveled fast throughout Hollywood and she received a feature story on TMZ, for being Ray J’s, new young 15 year old, Indian artist. Sahyba has been seen on such websites as mediatakeout, celebrity pop culture, celebritypuke, rockthizmagazine, teenagecelebrity, hollywoodhawt, and many more.

Making music is Sahyba’s passion in life and she can’t pass a day without singing or writing a new song. When she isn’t writing or singing, she dedicates and contributes time working with the Shoe box project a charities which focuses on helping others. She has an inspiration to sing music that is unique, amazing and connects to the heart of her listeners, worldwide. Sahyba is an amazing young multi talented musical artist that is on the road of being the new flavor of Hollywood’s sweetheart singers. She is ready to share her dreams and passion of music with her audience and states.

 “Whenever I see my brother making music or my dad waking up early in the morning to go to work, it motivates me to always set a goal, never give up and always believe in my dreams.” Sahyba is grateful for having her talents, family and managers that believe in her. 

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