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PROFILE: Bryson Hill - Bio, Pix + Audio

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Bryson Keyshawn Hill, known to his growing fan base as just Bryson, is an up and coming Houston bred new school rapper.  Born to Deshawn and Cedric “ESG” Hill, it’s no wonder at the tender age of 11 he is musically inclined beyond his years. However, Bryson is no stranger to wonders and determination. Born weighing in only 1lb, his premature birth predicted many physical complications and not much clinical hope of survival. Bryson showed his strength through determination and fought the high odds against him. 

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Growing up with the likes of ESG as a father, music has always been a part of Bryson’s life. Music studios were his day care since the age of two and listening to his father’s lyrics became his nursery rhymes. By the time Bryson was three he had already recited his very first rhyme and landed his first feature on his father’s mixtape, “Family Business”. His mini feature received huge acclaim starting a quick buzz around Houston. Many couldn’t believe the age of Bryson and questioned if it really was him and not ghost writing. ESG knew this was a possibility and taught his son the art of free styling. When releases of Bryson free styles dropped his fan base began to grow beyond Houston, TX.   

He’s been performing since the age of 5 and in the past year he has performed live on 97.9, Damage C Whenontol, Optimo and other various local stations such as “The Los Magnificos Car Show” and “The Dub Car Show”.  He has even taken part in a charity-based concert to raise money for Haiti opening for recording artist Bun B.  Between excelling in school and hanging around the studio, Bryson perfected his creativity through his unique style and flow. With the guidance of his father keeping him a level headed kid, his music is a reflection of his life. It appeals to his generation and can still make the older generations bop.    Bryson is currently working on his first mixtape “Miracle Baby” due for release in late April. Repaying back the favor, ESG is featured on Bryson’s mixtape; along with various artists such as Short Dawg of Young Money. 

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