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PROFILE: Slime Balla aka Big Boy - Bio, Pix & Videos

Presented by CeCe Vance of Vance NyCC Multimedia 

An artist must be allowed time to think, given ample opportunity to search the vast chasm of their imagination for an idea only they have talent to manifest. When paid this allowance the results can be substantially lucrative. Hip-Hop recording artist and entrepreneur Big Boy Slime Balla has yet to make a decision without first taking proper time to calculate. His mathematician-like patience and preparation are leading to successful endeavors written out long form. Slime Balla is showing you his work, and he would be the first to attest numbers do not lie; since launching imprint Slime Money Entertainment in 2005 he has sold an astounding 50,000 units independently. “The microphone is the ultimate tool,” he says. “When people can hear you, you can be influential to them. When that influence is good to them they’ll pay for it. I’m giving them something worth their money.”

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Big Boy Slime Baller’s emphatic rhymes are cash on delivery. He coins phrases that permanently embed themselves in listeners CD players, MP3 devices, and memories. Able to spin emotionally detailed stories or street and party anthems, Slime Balla is in heavy rotation because he puts his weight on all audible notations. Current single “I’m Gucci” featuring highly buzzed about Hip-Hop stars HBK (of Doughboyz Cashout) and Sin City has garnered Slime Balla yet another hit on iTunes, laying the foundation for his next two highly anticipated releases - mixtape Welcome To MI World Vol. 3 along with his eagerly awaited full-length studio opus Welcome 2 MI World: The Album. “I’m Gucci” follows the success of previous hits “The Way I’m Livin” (featuring Dirt Bag), “I Wasn’t Even Stackin”, and “Aye-Yo”, each one also available on iTunes. Slime Balla’s travel to rap industry forefront began in 2006 with popular underground mixtape release Da Movement Vol. 1. This generated immediate regional fan and media acclaim. His 2007 follow-up Ambitions of a Slimeball: Tha Mixtape increased demand for his music quite exponentially. So in 2008 he obliged in a major way with mixtape Welcome 2 MI World Vol. 1. No longer limited to regional ears, Slime Balla witnessed his voice boom to national volumes. Multiplatinum megastars Sean “Diddy” Combs, T-Pain and Dr. Dre, among others, heard him loud and clear and became his fans.

 Major record labels also picked up his signal Slime Balla was soon offered a recording deal by Universal Records, but rejected their offer after closely evaluating its specifics with his management team. “We didn’t like the amount of the deal so we didn’t take it,” he says. His next move would stand to only increase his value. 2010 mixtape release Welcome 2 MI World Vol. 2 would quickly sell an astonishing 20,000 units, putting him firmly in the driver seat to maneuver his career’s current course – this includes “I’m Gucci” in addition to working with notable producers The Chemist Music Group (of platinum-selling DJ Khaled’s We The Best Music Group) on single “Can’t Stop Trappin” (featuring Wood). Big Boy Slime Balla’s road to national mainstream success remains on the right track.

Born Robert Burnet II (April 16, 1984) in Muskegon, MI, the Muskegon Senior High School graduate was equally educated through life experiences. One course was economics with case studies in community effectiveness. Witnessing his city population suffering at the hands of financial and economic devastation caused by an epidemic of unemployment and business closures, Big Boy Slime Balla had no desire to merely use his own success to selfishly line his own pockets. An immediate goal was to give back. “Everything we set out to do when we first started this Slime Money movement was to generate legitimate revenue through the whole city,” he says. “We’re out here to bring people real music they can feel, but we’re also out here to help the economy.

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