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MIXTAPE: Barry Bondz - "Redemption"

The new highly anticipated album from Newark's own B. Bondz. Through his progress in the last year, Bondz falls into the latter. Linking with Game Beats again, the two provide more great music for you to vibe to. Redemption features that classic B. Bondz sound with assistance from Vertical Jones, Aviator Cross, Jarell Perry, Brian Gibbs, B-Lo, Goldie, Game Beats, Shakira Atily, Obliq & The DoughboyProject. 

1.Living The Dream  
2.Tonight (feat. Vertical Jones) 
3.Resurrect (feat. The Legend) 
4.Let It Go (feat. Jarell Perry) 
5.Work (feat. Aviator Cross) 
6.Blood On My Hands 
7.Pain Music 
8.Back (feat. B-Lo & Goldie) 
9.Mercy (feat. Shakira Atily) 
10.Love (feat. Game Beats) 
12.Perfect World (feat. Brian Gibbs) 
13.Legacy (feat. Obliq of' Strange Tang)