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AUDIO: Hollis - "1Take" (Prod. by D.Sims)

Hollis delivers a quick freestyle over a dope D.Sims production. 

Check out the Lyrics after the Jump....

Yo, yo, uhh, it's Hollis
D.Sims what it do? Yeah
mic check 1, 2, yo

Ayo i'm gone, far out, in another zone
every time I acquire the microphone
cause the funky dialect that I compose right off the dome
is so intricate, in which it can't be touched
basically meaning these lame MC's, they recieve the hammer as i bust
from the verbal glock, non-stop, that shit is hot
i'm always making sure the beats knock whenever i'm in the spot
and haters you'll see jock when i'm posted at the top
and that's really soon, so let's say i'm space jammin'
cause I plan on travelin' past the moon with my looney tunes,
you silly buffoon, stay in your room or step outside and meet yo mothafvckin' doom
but for real, it's like i'm chillin' in another galaxy
once I meditate, elevate, and let this poetry pour out of me
undoutedbly astounding, once I drop my vocal wizardry around your surroundings
so think twice, before grippin' the mic or I'll be impounding
cause like shit is how you be sounding, that ain't no unsolved mystery
just like how Hollis been excellin' in vocabulary ever since elementary
I am potentially, one of the hottest coming out this century
yo, I can mentally dismantle any fake wannabe with my facility of speech
or just all around style, H to the O flow for a got damn while
it's the nomadic poet, yeah you know it, it's the street heathen
coming with flows like missles that be heat seeking, properly speaking
waves of intelligence what I be leaking, so what up, what it do, 
what's hannenin', Hollis straight demolish yo crew
always stay true, never been fake and neither should you
but it's whatever though, I'll always stay with a clever flow
maybe change the globe, but yo I'm also cool with just lettin' my expressions go
so relax ya mind and let ya third eye free and chillout to the sounds of Hollis
cause I be, one of a kind out of Earth's population
my words are inspiration, motivation, a masterful creation of intelligent design
seek and you will find, that there's not a mind that's out there like mine
Hollis attains wealth & knowledge with the way that I grind
I was born to shine, from my very first rhyme I knew I was sittin' on a goldmine
so you know it's go time, hit foes with clotheslines, leave those just like a mime
they can't say a thing, when ya boy, bring the noise 
hop on stage and make the speakers sing, I walk with poise
engaged to some of the keenest raps, the cleanest cat
with the type flow to leave you like yo, I ain't believing that
but yes sir, it's a fact, the chillest villain be concealing weapons in the backpack
a pad, pen, blunt wraps, and a fat sack of that sticky, sticky herb
so, fvck what you heard and chickety check the word
cause I be kicking wack rappers to the curb, cause they got the game all backwards
like Kriss Kross, but I'm a beast, I'm a boss
Boss Hollis, uhh, droppin' knowledge and I'm out
D. Sims, C.R.E.A.M. Team, no doubt