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PRESS RELEASE: Spud Cotton Signs with Make Moves Publicity LLC

"First I would like to thank You for holding me down and posting my music because it has paid off. I just made a major move and step in my career thanks for supporting me and my music. Time to Push farther and Take another big step." - Spud Cotton

We at the Da N Crowd Conglomerate Inc. and JoinDaCrowd.Com would like to say congratulations to Chicago Hip-Hop Artist Spud Cotton on taking his career to the next level by signing with JoDelle Maglaya of Make Moves Publicity. We started doing promo on Spud back in August of 2010 with his mixtape "First Impression" and with close to 30 post later on October 9th of 2012 (2 years in with us) we gave you guys the 1st episode of his new vlog "Spud Life" where he's in the studio hard at work but also speaking some knowledge. Spud has also been featured on our mixtape Join Da Crowd Audio Vol. 3 "Out Wit Da Old * In Wit Da New" which help push our site to usher in new talent that were not only dope lyrically but also had a strong presence in their own market and city. All we had to do was give them an online outlet that truly supported them and Spud was one of those special artist that we help build an online presence for. He will also be on Vol. 4 coming out this fall. We'd like to personally thank Spud for feeling that we have been instrumental on helping make this new venture in his career happen and we can only wish for the best for him and his new team. We know Spud will not only do what he's capable of doing but he'll also make his city of Chicago proud which is a hot market for signing new talent right now. Timing is Everything and Spud is right on Track!

Check out the press release below: