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VIDEO: Destini feat. Son Of Harlem - "Dreams Are Vivid"

Directed by Var-Ez

Destini's inspiration behind creating this visual was merely pushed by the title itself, "Dreams Are Vivid", which is the title of her upcoming mixtape! Born in raised in Harlem, she navigated through the heart of her town where individuals put their Destiny in their own hands; by inventing and selling their own products while maintaining their culture, chasing their dreams, and solidifying themselves as dedicated entrepreneurs in this competitive market struck city. Destini set herself apart from the normal female rapper of this generation by addressing topics such as ; exercising your right to vote, advocating the idea of being a "productive member of your society", unlike being a "product of your environment", investing instead of splurging and taking advantage of this land of opportunity by working hard to grasp and accomplish your dreams. It was only right she included her good friend "Son Of Harlem", a substantial, passionate, buzzing lyricist who shares the same love and dedication for the art of HIP HOP. This is just a glimpse of her diverse, versatile and unique approach attempting to change the mindset of the game, regain its essence and add substance to this new generation of HIP HOP culture!

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