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ALBUM: Purple Asteroid Cadillac - "Take Shape"

The band, Purple Asteroid Cadillac has released their debut album, "Take Shape" on We Run Entertainment to over 750 digital retailers in over 100 different countries today! Our latest inductee into the Da N Crowd fold, Fooch The MC is a part of this band! 

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"Iowa hip-hop band Purple Asteroid Cadillac is releasing their breakout debut LP "Take Shape." The album features eleven original hip-hop tracks comprising nearly forty minutes of back-to-back, heavy-hitting urban classics. The beats are heavy, the lyrics hard, the poetry flowing like liquid groove in one long, rolling wave of jazz and funk. Steeped in the Chicago traditions of drum and bass going clear back to the disco era, Purple Asteroid Cadillac's neo-soul sound is poised to shake the Mid-West music scene like a rattle." - S. McCauley

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