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PROFILE: Jah Streetz Recording Artist/Songwriter/Voice Actor

Presented by Shaya "SavoreeBaby" Smith  for SSS Consulting/Pynk Leopard, LLC

Jah Streetz was born Jamaal Spence in Norfolk, VA. He is a Virginia native, where he grew up in the City of Chesapeake & found his joy for music.

Even as a youngster he was deeply into music, he used to do recite songs for all of the adults around & they seen how much he loved to do it. He has been performing music since middle school, where he played the Tenor Saxaphone from 6-8th grade. He loved the thrill of hearing music get pieced together step by step and finally reach completion. Writing was something he always used to love. Even in class, instead of doing his assignments he would write short songs and poems. He even won a few school contests with his "poetry" and turned other in for A Grade reports.

When he got into high school From the age of 15 he and others around him knew that he had a a great gift for making music. Once he got into high school he got into the lunch table ciphers and battlegrounds. When the other peers heard him rap they knew it was raw talent. After High School he decided to take doing music seriously. Though he did not begin recording actualy projects til a few short years later, he has written an array of songs for himself & also other artists along the way. He has now been on the Virginia underground music circuit & has already created a buzz with his music, due to the nature of his content. His sound differs from any other young artists out there.

He embodies knowledge into his music from his own life & the lives and situations of others around him. His music is now being noticed by people in places he did not know he could reach. Jah's lyrical abilities, love for music and his drive are all undeniable. He believes his methods to success are honesty, loyalty, integrity, hard work, and opportunity. His favorite quote is "take care of the consumers and the business takes care of itself."