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AUDIO: Epademik - "Whitey Dorner (Freestyle)"

The "Bad Seed" is at yet again rockin over Dr Dre's "Under Pressure" track, this time with lyrics. Sing...errr, Rap along.

(Lyrics: whitey dorner… hide behind the corner sprint the super sport all the way to the border Mexico…so I let these flows, sho I can't let go so i just grow, like some one year old mold I keep the competition bitchin I told you sour patch kids u need ta pay attention Slay u for contention, won't see another day whether in LA or the A N AZ or the 94 Nicest my style remains righteous follow Epademik & I'll show you were the light is I''ll ignite this like TNT on a homicide bomber walking down the street So Fuck discreet its time to get it on & poppin Stoppin has never even been a fuckin option I just say that bullshit to keep ur jaws droppin I like to stir the pot up like a concoction No flossin even if I got it I should work at that clothing store, Im a Hot Topic Im like a prophet trying to make a profit mix on yamahas & never over rockits u better stop it with all that chitter chatter Im tired of all these rappers actin like sissy bastards With ur skinny jeans on singing all they weak songs The clock is ticking Time bomb.. be gone!)