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MIXTAPE: Loch - "Afro American Horror Story" (Review)

The Detroit/Atlanta homey Loch of MCEO/Move Rite Entertainment will be releasing his full length project "Afro American Horror Story" hosted by DJ Doo Wop soon and we got sent an advance copy to give it a song by song review before it is officially released. Alot of these songs we featured on the site. Here's what we came up with.....

1. DJ Doo Wop American Horror Story intro - Doo Wop goes into how he was introduced to Loch which is pretty cool because he shows genuine love and not just political connects, because he's hosting the project. 2. Loch kendrick Lamar Swimming pools Drank Freestyle - Good to hear Loch not use Kendrick's flow to to spit over his track. He gives us a dope introduction to the project. 3. Dreams Prod. by Doom - Not really feeling the beat but the honesty that Loch conveys on this track shows that he believes what he says and that our dreams are important regardless of circumstances. 4. Higher (Varsity) Prod. be Cmentalz - Loch goes into his experiences with different grades of marijuana and looks at it as his medicine. He has to have it. 5. Youtube freestyle Loch Hammer Dance freestyle - The sound quality of this is not that good but that's because its a rip from one of Loch's weekly youtube freestyles but the puchlines are crazy! 6. Spaz out Bloodyface interlude - A soundbite of a movie to go into the next record. 7. Spaz Out Prod. by Doom - One of our favorite tracks from Loch. We featured this on Join Da Crowd Audio Vol. 4 and the flow he kicked on this rode the beat perfectly. 8. Isolation Ft. Gillitine and Snakez Santiago - We all go through moments of isolation and this songs touches on that pain. Even though the singing is a little off, the message is not. 9. Mercy Freestyle ft. Bo Thirst, God Rod, and Po Gotti - The gangs all here! The MoveRite MCEO camp lets loose some crazy bars. Most of it sounds of the dome so nothing really special about it but everybody contributes enough to show off their skills. 10. Fist In The Sky (Occupy America) Prod. by Kanye West - Wish the beat was turned up a lil more and leveled with the vocals because the message on this vital to what goes on in todays society. This shows Loch's knowledge of self and the way we see society and how society see us. 11. Death Merchant 3 featuring Impact,Maestrolungs,Vic Legend and Lazarus( aka kamp kaos) - Another "the crews all here" track but the cool thing about this one is that everybody kills it on here. Some dope punchlines and the beat fits the concept to a T. 12. Bloody Face interlude 2 - Just another interlude. 13. Loch Lil wayne.She Will Freestyle - When it comes to freestyling to industry beats Loch always shows and proves with dope cadence, up to date punchlines and witty wordplay as usual. 14. Nobody Loves Me(Prod by Dolla RIP) - This song sounds a little dated but the story that Loch's tells can touch the heart and mind of any artist trying to make it in this industry. By the way, it's not Doo Wop. Lol! 15. Put You On Ft. Mally G prod. by Erick Sermon - This song has that Def Squad feel so it's great that Loch get's Mally G and Erick Sermon to be part of this track. This is 100% Hip-Hop with the perfect Slick Rick sample for the hook. 16. Loch Drake Headlines freestyle - Even though Loch has bars for days and he actually kills this, just not feeling when he uses Drake's cadence on certain parts but we get why he did. 17. Move Rite ft Bo Thirst,God Rod,PG The Great,Loch,Snakez Santiago, and Chedda Boy - Yet again... The gangs all here! This one is to show support to the whole Move Rite movement. The beat had that dark "don't f*ck with my squad" feel. This was dope. 18 Pressure Gets Thick ft Snakez Santiago and Cipher kenni - When the heat is on, the pressure gets thick and the paper get's thin and these 3 guys know exactly how to handle it. 19. Afro American Psycho interlude - Another interlude 20. Afro American Psycho - The whole plot of this project and why it has it's title. Loch may have a few screws loose but homey is Hip-Hop 100% and he concludes it all on this one. 21. DJ Doo Wop American Horror Story theme Outro - Doo Wop Let's us know that it's safe to say... "Real N*gga Rap Is Back"
- Scott Bario - Staff Writer for the Da N Crowd Conglomerate Inc.

Stay tuned for the stream and download.