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VIDEO: J. Jackson - “Truth Be Told” (Behind The Scenes)

Detroit, MI- Lyricist extraordinaire, J. Jackson, is hard at work on his debut project. While Jackson is not giving us any clues about the project’s title or release date other than this summer, the content being delivered is undeniable. To further whet the appetites of his audience, Jackson is releasing behind the scenes footage of the recording of his latest offering “Truth Be Told”. “Truth Be Told” is produced by Chanes, a beat-smith who has worked closely with Shady/Aftermath as well as J. Jackson. The yet to be released track serves as a classic vent session that capsulizes the time of its recording. J. Jackson gives the listener an insight of his twenty-some-odd years shifting frantically from vague to liberal detail in roughly two minutes. What isn’t said outright in the lyrics, is still communicated in Jackson’s delivery that is simultaneously paced and urgent. “Truth Be Told” is only the beginning for J. Jackson as he is hard at work, preparing to release a mixtape this summer as well as an official EP. It is made apparent in “Truth Be Told” as well as the soon to be released “90’s Freestyle” that J. Jackson is far from short on talent in any area. Follow J. Jackson on his journey, starting with the behind the scenes footage of “Truth Be Told” as he poises himself to be hip-hop’s next big thing, truthfully. 
Instagram: @iam_j_jackson 
SoundCloud: JacksonUnivercity