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AUDIO: Epademik - "Next Eppiesode" (Freestyle)

"Eppie" (hence the spelling in the title) is back in stealing mode with his latest freestyle as he hi jacks Dr Dre's "Next Episode" track and we have the lyrics:

 "Im not realistic when it comes to this rap game Thats what Linda says so I gotta go slap a dame Oh shit, back in my violent mode never snapped out of it y'all better hide low when u see me comin Im huntin all u losers I say I quit each month just to confuse ya & make u feel safe like condoms when ur fuckin prostitutes Tired of emailing ppl & they don't acknowledge you So I follow you, just like a stalker guy give you charlie manson eyes, everytime i walk on by Creepy McCreepster creeps with meat cleavers urine filled liters intoxicate ur speakers So Dont take leisure, go flee in ur sneakers I'll shake u up just like a lil wayne seizure cuz I'll beat you like red headed step kid Don't ya know, Epademiks always on that next shit Its The next episode sit back & let the flow infiltrate your frontal lobe drunken hoes take off their clothes Im not interested to see how ur belly rolls If I want something fat I'll go to fat burger down the road. So so don't waste my tiiiiimmme Im like a coke addict the way I always kill these lines A-Tizzle its time to go get it Tell Maurice to go & send that damn plane ticket!"