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AUDIO: Rambo Hustle - "Contemplayin"

Here's the 2nd release from the "Lyrical Exercise" Series. Mixed by Dash. Underrated Coming This Summer! 

Oh.... and we have the lyrics:
 Low and behold... My life on the road... Im Contemplayin, raising the bar in a City so Cold... And ain't no Love in these streets , the Future is bright for a hustler... I got. That. Mean Appetite. That Steak, That Shrimp & That Lobster... I got that Gourmet Flow, I got that Parfait Dough... (I got that...I Got that...) I got that Parfait Dough..... Meaning my main course is really just one of my plates tho Got appetizers, Got Sides , Got Salads and dessert so.... You know what it is....When You know you the shit.. I tried to keep it humble but that shit gets no respect... So I had to keep it pushing Brush these lames up off that Bullshit, yellin 'OLE" Oye Mijo Aint you been broke since 03 tho? DAMN! I hustle, I grind, I never ever waste time So when the Clock is tickin & the game is ending Aint no Shot clutch as mine Now the thirst high like high School...Like back in the day, back in the day... Tryna get numbers Like im in the Wood, To Give shorty wood that my generation... Still have no patience...just motivation... TO stack up in vest , then stack it back up and while they all hatin Im on vacation.... So I , Pour up , Then I drink up , Then I feel the breeze I dont mind, They , Told me, That, i Should "Live It up" Stop talkin bout yo grind! But Shit! I believe in due tim eIll be right where im sposed to be with my Chick no bitch cause bitches don't make good company, WHAT UP V! Born in Houston so Im comin Down! Grew by the Beach I learned to shine I gets Mine, Get yours, Shit I dont mind, Promise I dont mind.. I Still Hustle hard, Party Harder, Cook a meal or hit benihanas, Caught a couple cases , got a couple lawyers, goit a lawsuit out with a bunch of numbers....aaaH!! And thats Gon make em Sick! , yea thats gon make em sick.... But I wont babysit, CHillin with my drink..... My world...Working this 9 to 5... And i hate this shit but is just the way to make my next move my best move!! Ima grind it out, Plan it out, My blueprint when I do this.... Motivated by students, I learn the game, So I Share the game.... And 1 Day I Hope they do this.... Nu Judas , The Truest.....