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AUDIO: Rambo Hustle - "That's Real"

Mixed by Dash. 
Rambo says.....
Considering the support that We got from Lyrical Exercise #3 VKO and it reaching 100 its time for a new one!! Instead of releasing another Lyrical Exercise tho I decided to pull something from the side. I wanted to do something with more substance than the LE series so i decided to take a song i wrote last year and put it to the of course familiar "Let Nas Down" Beat which i was hesitant in using but the content matched the vibe of the record too much to try searching for a 3rd beat for it. So...Its up for Download & yours! Underrated coming Later This Summer!

With lyrics of course.

 When I first Heard this track I aint even wanna rap , Like "Nas & Cole just Killed it what suppossed to do with that?" But iM like fuck it! Shit my pockets feeling skinnier than fat and I'm hungry for success , with no money for a snack, So, Please do understand, This wasn't in the plans, But the way that life was looking felt like i could take it further, Shit, My fam is from a island, where we coming from the bottom, Got a little sister growing , lil brother and I got them.. Told em...Im grown...I gotta handle business... Im sorry if I ever miss a Christmas, But shit... Im on a mission, i'm just hoping that you listen, Don't get caught up in the system , take it one day at a time.... Focus on your dreams,(and) reality the same, Same time don't let a day go by, bye... Cause when you grow up...this ain't shit go further... and make moms proud you already got a proud father... {Hook} This...Real know we cant stop.. we tryna live right, call this food for thought... Wondered many of days if my life would ever change , from rolling that green escort to getting money in Ranges, Not Bragging, sporting high fashion, was never my thing, before I pass it I ash it, I hope you understand what i mean , im just saying what you want isn't always what you need, And thats Real, i feel We gon' be alright, Everyone change, Make sure your change right, Stay up all night, With a pen just to write... While I could smile or cry between the paper and the mic, And since Home is where the heart is i don't got to be the hardest, im just tryna make it happen so my fam and i can party, Plus...we just had our first family reunion, great grandma turned 100 im just thankful that she done it....And thats real {HOOK}