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AUDIO: Rambo Hustle - "VKO" (Versace Knockoff)

This is Lyrical Exercise #3 Mixed by DASH Underrated COMING SOON! 


 Mira Mami, Yo Se que Quieres Dinero Pero El Amor que me ansenas, Es Rapido y ligero.. Lo Que yo Quiero , Una mujer sin los selos, que sepa ya la que hay, And maybe this ain't JUST a night.... Ha.. Im saying , not that love is underrated, But really not in to games but no other choice but to play it, Verdad!? Que es la que hay!? Tu me dices pa donde vamos En Caro vuelo o trago, We Ballin, Le Toco El Aro.... O te llamo, o te viene , pues tu me dices, These Cats be Hella thirsty but me I'm a little different... Uh... I flip it reverse it and then I eat, Im a freak if you with the MO and tank is never on E..Sheesh Ima a killa , its scary im on my thrilla, , (Been) rappin just for a couple you rapping hoping they feel ya.. I guess I get it while they just cant let it go.. While they second guessing they bitch while they stay committed to hoes... On Second guess I guess I'm gifted And rapping less, Is just giving them time to go While im gearing up for the Gold, Mr. james, A replica from the same cloth and I don't need designers for mami to touch her Ankles, Angles, Stretches, She always works on her fitness, I tell her she got a booty and im thinking about a visit.. Ah.. Boy I tell you its harder when you got options, Hillary should a had Bill Hostage... But Oh no, Its White House and hoes... Had Monica Like a Harmonica Blowing like She Was dro.. ....... Versace, Versace, Woke up in a brand New buggati... My Future is looking so brought , Its the life of the Party... Check How my bezel fall right off my Rollie, Claim that my Jeweler he claim that he stole it, We Outchea, I swear we been chosen, To bring you the realist while sippin this 40... Look how I shine, Im covered in Diamonds, Telly 10 G's and filled with Rihanna's, In the Bahamas, With a few Commas, Lito Got Footage but then lost the Camera, Oh well! Not For Sale, Promise that I ball, Sam Cassell, Take off like a Rocket, James Harden, in the Garden, bet she drop & pop it...So Low.... Versace, Versace, Rappers Like Diddy & Hov Wanna Sign me... Belt is 300 , kicks is imported and My Bitch a foreigner, but I cant Afford me....No promo...And the money Coming In Slow mo , But Im NEXT , I bet you a session, Couple Videos , Its an Investment.. See it my way!! Fuck You , Pay me....All this money talkin out here... I swear if Lie Detectors was the application you'd all work at IKEA... Bitch , I Kill It...Snap back or fitted... And regardless of yours or my city... I make moves to get cho Bitch lose, I ain't Danny brown but She wit it!