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FLIX: Join Da Crowd Audio Vol. 5 Title & Drop Date Revealed!

As we reach our 5th Volume of the Join Da Crowd Audio series, we realized that most of the music artists that we promoted had truly come into their own through branding and management which certified them as independent artists. So this mixtape is a declaration to them for being able to create their own lane, establish and maintain a buzz all while staying consistent and being the entrepreneur of their respected movements. 

They have set the bar very high for the next group of music artists to come after them. So on December 20th 2013 we will congratulate their success with the next installment to our audio series. Join Da Crowd Audio Vol. 5 - D.O.R.I., in other words.... 'Declaration Of Rap Independence' - "We Own Us" Get It? Only 10 music artists will make this volume and they are the ones who have been the most consistent overall. They have the most posts up, retweet, tweet and favorite our links and also drive the most traffic to our site. Those names will be revealed when the official covers drop! Until then, Stay tuned..... 

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