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MIXTAPE: Chox-Mak & DJ YRS Jerzy - 'Death By Design' (Re-Release)

Lyricism is making its way back into the game. Several up and comers have helped to restore hardcore lyricism into the rap game. Chox-Mak is among these artists redefining hip hop as it is known. Working his way up the ranks, Chox-Mak has caught the attention of heavy-hitters. Earlier this year, Chox-Mak and DJ YRS Jerzy linked up. Finding immediate chemistry and identical work ethics led to the two coming together. The mixtape features the single “It’s On” with Fluid. Other standout tracks from the project include “Far Away,” which features crooner, N-Tone. Putting the finishing touches on a defining year, Chox-Mak has more heat, but for now it’s all about Death by Design.