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Chox-Mak & Henny Tha Brain - "Special Delivery"

The reign of Chox-Mak has officially started as he announced he will have some type of project being released every week until he gets to a better place in his career. His technique to get the viewers involved along with his fans "The Choxen Ones" is working to his advantage. Henny Tha Brain also has his own things in the works as well he is scheduled to drop more tracks soon. The way that the 90's Flow camp puts out music is very impressive and it is catching the eyes of plenty of people. 

As long as they keep working hard and keep putting out mass material for the masses they shouldn't have a problem getting where they need to be. Their latest release "Special Delivery" is a real life record that gives you an insight of what they are going through in real life. The music is definitely real and is coming from a dark place in their lives. The beat used for this classic in the making was brought to you by DR.G out of the UK.