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iLLz x Cotton - 'Stand Up Guyz' (Cover & Track List)

On June 25th, Spud Cotton and Ray iLLa want to present to you their collaboration entitled "Stand Up Guyz." This project features production from C-Sick, The Union [ Cincinnati, Ohio ], KSto [ Boston ], Ray White [ Chicago ], Flawless Tracks, the in house team which is Boose, Art, Jalen Murry [ Original Art Beats - Ohio ], Flight [ Edwardsville ], 808 Kid [ Chicago ], Jeff Wallace [ Chicago ], & Team Classic [ Chicago ] This project will feature The Boy Illinois, NFL wide receiver for the Denver Broncos/Artist NaPalm, & Karon Burgandy. Here are the 2 tracks they've already leaked off the project:

SupaUglyFeelGood produced by C-Sick 
The Freestyle Produced by Jalen Murry