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Dell-P - 'Q & A w/ Join Da Crowd'

As we put together the 6th volume of our Join Da Crowd Audio series; "I See Rap People", we will be releasing interviews with a slew of dope music artists that we've done tons of promo on in the pass. Some will be video interviews, others will be written interviews but just know the music artists picked for these Question and Answer interviews will have most likely made the compilation.... and second up we have Dell-P. Lets get into it!

1. Where are you actually from? 

West Philadelphia born and raised... Master Street Stand Up!! 60th and 59th Street... Shoutout to Callowhill, PSK, and Wynnefield also. 

 2. Who, what, when, where, why and how are you inspired to do music? 

I was inspired by my uncles watching them perform and listen to hip hop I followed behind them and wanted to do it too. I always liked listening to Run DMC, Big Daddy Kane, Biz Markie, etc. I fell in love with Hip Hop when I heard A Tribe Called Quest.

 3. What's the team/label/crew that you rep?

 I rep The PowerTeam!! Shoutout to Eskay, Lucci Loner, Corey Wims, Jon Doe, Pyez, Briana, Samad Dawson, and my partner in rhyme Donnie Boy 

 4. How many mixtapes/albums/videos have you done to date?

 I have released four mixtapes and 3 original compilations. Redefined is the latest album which can be purchased on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, etc.

 5. How did you first obtain promo from us? 

I came across you by promoting my music online and the rest has been history... 

 6. Have we been beneficial in promoting you? 

True indeed!!! I have nothing but love for Da Crowd Life movement... 

 7. Any upcoming projects/shows/events that everybody should check for? 

 I'm actually in the process of releasing my first major label debut. A New Beginning will be dropping in 2015... I won't release the name of the label yet but it's definitely bout to get real!!! 

 8. What do you believe it takes to make a break through in the industry? 

I believe that being yourself will get you far in this game. Following a wave will not get you longevity. Make quality music for all ages to enjoy, but tell your story. 

 9. Is there anything you feel you need to work on to better you situation? 

I think I'm on the right path but there is always room for improvement. I will say that I need to ignore negativity and don't let the lack of support bother me. 

 10. What do you want everybody to know and remember about you? 

I just want the people know that I never conformed, never gave up, and became successful by doing it my way...

Another great interview right? Check out all of the pass promo we've done on him HERE

Stay tuned for who's up next.....