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Epademik - 'Q&A w/ JoinDaCrowd'

As we put together the 6th volume of our Join Da Crowd Audio series "I See Rap People", we will be releasing interviews with a slew of dope music artists that we've done tons of promo on. Some will be video interviews, others will be written interviews but just know the music artists picked for these Question and Answer interviews will have most likely made the compilation.... and first up we have Epademik. Lets get into it!

1. Where are you actually from? 

Gardena… 136th & Hoover to be exact. 

 2. Who, what, when, where, why and how are you inspired to do music? 

Who Inspired Me to do music was Big Daddy Kane, Ice Cube, Too Short, EPMD, Prince & Michael Jackson. What Inspired me to do music was hearing Slick Rick & Doug E Fresh performing The Show. That was definitely my hip hop wow moment. I get inspired nowadays by working with other artists that come with that competitive vibe in the lab. Especially if the other artist is an incredible writer with creativity thru the roof. I get pumped when another artists can really deliver in the studio with no coaching or help.

 3. What's the team/label/crew that you rep? 

Bad Seed. Its a cult. Its a place of opportunity I created for select artists with drive & dedication to there craft. 

 4. How many mixtapes/albums/videos have you done to date? 

ALBUMS: 2013 - Beast Within 2010 - 1918 2010 - Whiteout! 2009 - Addicted To The Grind 2005 - The Third Finger 2004 - Listen At Your Own Risk 2002 - Drinkin Smokin Str8 Westcoastin (100 Proof) 2000 - Casual.One (Casual Crew) 1998 - Casual Affair (Casual Crew) 

MIXTAPES: 2009 - Pianos & Basslines 2009 - Eastcoast Beastin 2008 - Backpack Hustle 2008 - Dang! That's Hot (Epademik & Akoma) 

 VIDEOS: Hater in Ya Ear Epademik Documentary Champion Good Shit 85 Percent Im An Addict Six Feet Down 

 5. How did you first obtain promo from us? 

I first found out about you guys on twitter & loved the realness & grind for indie hip hop. 

 6. Have we been beneficial in promoting you? 

Of course! Anytime websites build a relationship with genuine artists it's a great thing. Nowadays every blog site seems to only care about financial gain instead of seeking great music & artists. 

 7. Any upcoming projects/shows/events that everybody should check for? 

Upcoming shows are November 28th at Stardust in the city of Downey. It's a charity event put on by Bam It Ent for Cancer Awareness & a toy drive too. Also on December 20th at Napsac Apparel in Santa Ana I will be performing at the annual One West Magazine toy drive. I always do a few charity shows at the end of each year. 

 8. What do you believe it takes to make a break through in the industry? 

Well, it really depends what you consider "making it"… If you feel being on the radio non-stop & on television performing on award shows then be prepared to spend a whole lot of money & a whole lot of politics & games to play. Honestly to me I feel that if you have a solid fan base & can travel to perform & release music on your own time schedule then you've made it! 

 9. Is there anything you feel you need to work to better your situation? 

On some real shit, everything can be improved whether its videos, music, promotions, branding etc. A lot of the time the main hindering is caused by lack of funds. 

 10. What do you want everybody to know and remember about you? 

Epademik was a true emcee that studied the art of hip hop. A man that wasn't intimidated to learn to further his career & knowledge. A straight up & honest business man. A guy that helped fellow artists gain knowledge about the music business. An emcee above all.

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Stay tuned for who's up next.....