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Nikki Nix McKnight - 'Q&A w/ JoinDaCrowd'

As we put together the 6th volume of our Join Da Crowd Audio series "I See Rap People", we will be releasing interviews with a slew of dope music artists that we've done tons of promo on. Some will be video interviews, others will be written interviews but just know the music artists picked for these Question and Answer interviews will have most likely made the compilation.... and third up we have Nix. Lets get into it!

1. Where are you actually from? 

I'm from Columbus, GA 

 2. Who, what, when, where, why and how are you inspired to do music? 

Everyday life is what inspires me to do music. A lot of my music is based on things that I have experienced. However I'm feeling at the time spills out in rhyme form. Happy, sad, disappointed, frustrated, cocky, confident, or whatever emotion I'm going through at the moment, that's what I deliver on the beat. 

 3. What's the team/label/crew that you rep?

 I rep 3riple 2ouble Ent, as well as the crew SLE that me and my partner TY started when we first got into this music thing together. 2 crews, 1 love! 

 4. How many mixtapes/albums/videos have you done to date?

 I have three projects out there floating around, The Wake Up, No Beat Iz Safe, and my current project The McKnight Files. Check them all out in that order and you will notice my growth as an artist. And I'm only getting better. Be very afraid! 

 5. How did you first obtain promo from us? 

I first came across you guys on twitter. I think when I was promoting my first project. I probably spammed yall to death. lol. I was trying to push The Wake Up at that time and yall showed love. Forever grateful.

 6. Have we been beneficial in promoting you? 

Most definitely. I've connected with some other very talented artists and have gained exposure and new supporters. You guys are very helpful with getting the word out about anything I have going on. 

 7. Any upcoming projects/shows/events that everybody should check for?

 I'm recording new material, but I'm still promoting The McKnight Files heavy. I have a lot of great music on this project and it will take time to reach everywhere. I want to make sure I did everything possible to get this music out before I try to push another project out there. Look forward to me hitting the road some more in 2015. I have shows in Atl and Austin, Texas (SXSW) already in my schedule. To whomever may be reading this, if you know of any opportunities in your city, hit me up! Let's Work! 

 8. What do you believe it takes to make a break through in the industry? 

Determination, consistency, patience, and loyal supporters. You need the people behind you. If you get loyalty from the people who rock with you, make sure they know you appreciate them and you need them. A lot of times we get caught up in feeding into the negative (people who don't support, people who "hate," etc.), that just brings negative energy around you. Feed the positive and that energy will come back. Valuable lesson I learned. 

 9. Is there anything you feel you need to work to better you situation? 

Of course. There's always room for improvement. I try to go harder with everything. I'm still perfecting my delivery, I'm still working on stage presence, I'm still working on patience like I said in the previous question. I'm a perfectionist, so until everything is perfect with my career, I'll be working towards it. 

 10. What do you want everybody to know and remember about you? 

I'm a hard worker. I want to make timeless music that will be discussed long after I'm gone. This is my passion and I want my words to live forever.

Great Interview right? Check out all of the pass promo we've done on her HERE

Stay tuned for who's up next.....