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Trel Mack - "Night Before The Dawn" (Album)

Trel Mack's "Night Before the Dawn" released on SKE Records, is now available and here's the official track listing, producer credits and order link. 

1. The 4ever Team ft. Q The Question (produced by: Canis Major) 
2. Walking with God (produced by: Chysty) 
3. Hot Pursuit (produced by: Taylor M beats) 
 4. All I Need (produced by: Lexi Banks) 
 5. I Hate these Rappers ft. Shawn Archer (produced by: Nanzoo) 
6. Aspirations ft. Petter Jones (produced by: Canis Major) 
7. Deposits (produced by: Yung Exclusive) 
 8. Luv is Life (produced by: Nanzoo) 
 9. Caravan Of Contrary ft. Mel Alston Jr. (produced by: The Cratez)

9 songs for $7.99, you can't deny a deal like that. Grab that here: