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Bibi Bourelly - "Riot"

Here's the powerful video from Bibi featuring some historical footage from all the madness and commotion that's going on all over the world. As the guitar plays in the back you can see the seriousness in Bibi's face as she hurls out the lyrics to the song. Take time to actually watch the clips in this video and really listen to the words of the song to get a better understanding of her vision on naming it Riot.

Bibi says.... We are all one from the clouds We are not our genders We are not our religions We are not our races We are not our opinions We are not our doubts , insecurities or fears... We are not one voice, we are a roaring crowd. We are the land and sky; We are an ambiguous mixture of every color that exists under the sun. We are all in this together and we are responsible for each other. Everything you do or say matters to us, whether you realize it or not. Love infinitely. At all costs no matter what. praying 4 Orlando (and the rest of the entire world.) Fighting 4 our future. New society 4 the unity of all. Yours truly, Beebz.