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OG Maco - 'OG Maco 2'

Episode 1: "The Duke of Summer" returns... The Lord of Rage returns! Update! Presented by OGG, Motown & Quality Control. OG Maco drops his 6 song EP via Soundcloud and the track list goes as... 1. "Who Got The Clout!", Produced by Brandon Thomas, 2. "Young Thug", Produced by Taokescheap, 3. "Talkin That Shit", Produced by Kino Beats, 4. "Im A Dick", Produced by Kino Beats, 5. "New Wrist", Produced by TimothyTimothy and 6. "Don't Know", Produced by Money Montage. Another Update! New Artwork! New Tracks! Episode 2: "Remember".... Maco adds 7. "OGG Everlasting Intro" featuring Ash Riser, Queen Losa, Brandon Thomas and OGG, 8. "From The City" featuring Honey Cocaine, Produced by Murda Beatz, 9. "Hella", Produced by Money Montage and 10. "Remember", Produced by Humbeats. Reblast this! Fuck your neighbors! Turn Up! Enjoy! OGG!!!!