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Phresh Ali - 'Fake Deep' (Album Stream)

Einstein in Dreads for the cover. Ali dropped this late last year and today we revisit it on our site since we just got wind of Ali this year through BET's Music Moguls. The standouts are "Wrestling Is Fake" and "Building Rome" but "Telethon" and "40oz" seem to be our favorites. Then we took a moment to listen to "Breave" and it solidified our reasoning for loving the skill set of Phresh. With lines like "Sick and tired of niggas sayin.... "bruh you should have been out" you ain't told nobody bout me, motherfucka chill out.... Just breave....." 13 tracks of bars, cadence, truth and emotion, which gives you the feel that every beat was carefully selected and mixed for each song specifically. Please listen closely to every line of each song on this project and you'll understand why wanted him on our site. Ali! Ali! Ali!