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ILWIA & Elitist Eyewear by Shaya "Save" Smith

As we tap into the fashion segment of Join Da Crowd, we put the spotlight on two brands, ILWIA (I Love What I Am) apparel and Elitist Eyewear both owned by Shaya "Save" Smith. Here's our Q&A with her to talk about them both. 

Who's the founder(s) of your brand? Shaya Smith aka Save (for all brands).

 When did you guys officially launch? Feb. 2015 Triple Ess, Nov. 2014 for ILWIA, Sep. 2016 Elitist Eyewear, Feb 2017 Shot by Shay Photography.

 What does your brand name mean and stand for? The 3 esses stand for Service, Sacrifice, and Success, ILWIA (I Love What I Am). 

 Who designed the logo? I did! 

 What was your first piece of apparel? The original "I Am" tee from ILWIA.

What was/is your most successful selling piece. The original "I am" tee. 

What's your price points for you brand? Price ranges from $20 - $65. 

 What was the hardest thing to deal with for your brand? Building interests, turning interest into sales or confirmed clients (for consulting) 

 Is there a certain demographic that you want to target and market your brand to? Age 24 - 45, all ethnicities. 

 How do you plan on expanding your brand? (For consulting) travel and network outside of immoderate area, display more client interaction/progress, display more service capabilities, execute events. (For ILWIA) increase viral presence, take apparel on the road, display in fashion shows and pop ups. (For Elitist Eyewear) collab with models for wear and pics, take items on the road, increase viral presence, display at fashion shows and pop ups. (For shot by shay) take more pics. For all, get more promotional material in circulation.