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Melo.... Owner of 'House Of Mellino'

Continuing our focus of up and coming Fashion Brands we meet Melo who is the mastermind behind the cut and sew brand 'House Of Mellino' where alot of clean, dope and interesting fashion pieces are created. Check out our Q&A with him below.

Who's the founder(s) of your brand?
 That would be me! (Melo)

 When did you guys officially launch?
 December of 2014

 What does your brand name mean and stand for?
 Timeless. I strive to create designs that can be worn over and over even in years to come.

 Who designed the logo?
 I did. Before clothing I did graphic design. The actual logo is a horse that's hardly used i'm known by my M.

 What was your first piece of apparel?
 A shirt, I made it for my son to see if I can make one and it was horrible.

What was/is your most successful selling piece?
 The Freddy Vs Jason Jacket. I planned on only releasing 8 I'm way, way, way pass that goal now!! 

Has anybody known/famous been in your brand?
 Yes, Chinx (Longlive), Fabolous, Paul Cain, Dj Young Chow, Bobby Hart, Jadakiss, Frank Knuckles.

 What's your price points for you brand?
 Ranges from $15 to $1200

 What was the hardest thing to deal with for your brand?
Finding myself through each piece. Every client has different taste which can also differ from my own. I try and never let an item leave without having apart of me in it.

Is there a certain demographic that you want to target and market your brand to? 
 When it all started I focused and designed around artist so that will always be the direction. However in the mix I work with everyone who wants to just look good. 

 How do you plan on expanding your brand? 
 I try not to plan so far ahead. I stay in the moment and take it a day at a time. It's a better journey that way and certainly less stress because its nothing to aim for and miss. 

 If there is anything that you would want the public to know about your brand, what will it be? 
 Be limitless as I have been. Building a cut and sew brand from the ground up alone is the hardest thing but set a overall goal and work to it then trough it. I never cut corners and always provide the best for the clients who choose to shop with me that includes the best fabrics in their budget and the best craftsmanship I can provide. I work as hard as I can to stay me in a extremely small space, fashion is not as big as it looks its run by the big guys and I have to get their customers to also see my brand.

There you have it. If you need anymore info and out to stay updated with Melo follow his IG!