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Jus Smith - 'Game 7' (Album Stream)

Today is the day! On behalf of Good Nrgy records, Jus Smith's 'Game 7' album has officially dropped. Produced entirely by Compton's own Drethaoneda and only featuring So Sunday, there's soo much sport "stylin and profilin" that this should have it's own day on ESPN. Dope sport intros and skits, Jus is definitely "flying over your motha" on this album. G 5'n and Smith'n through each and every song. You can tell he put alot of thought into this project. It's clear that "Court Vision", "Bad Boy" and "Crown" are the stand out tracks but the other 9 keep this album flowing sonically. Just listen to his pain on "Ant Mason Margiela" but our favorite line on the whole project is.... "Pull up in something sick that ah make you puke nigga/If money is evil, I blew (Blue) Devils like Duke nigga." Mean!!!! See if you can find what song it's on and be sure to stream it below from Spotify and grab it off iTunes for your own personal copy.