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Playlists Of Life - H.A.T.E. (Hear As Time Evolves)

The opposite of LOVE causes soo much aggression through resentment and reflection and here's a collection of musical moments that expresses why. Prince’s estate has muted his "I Hate U" song from all streaming services so we put a cover version on this playlist. Either way, let your ears and emotions take this journey.

Motzy Says.... Experiencing hate regardless if it comes from your friends, family, coworkers, the person you’re with, the person you used to be with, the people you’re around or just some random person on the street is something we all can relate to. When I sat down and put this playlist together I wanted to catch all levels of emotion surfacing around the word hate. So these 15 songs are pretty much a collective of that. I can guarantee at least 1 to 3 of these songs is going to touch you in some type of way. Bringing back memories and inflicting a feeling is the purpose behind this playlist. This is Hate. H.A.T.E. Hear As Time Evolves. Featuring some of your favorite music artist past, present and future. The first 5 songs are the hype, the middle 5 songs are the storm and the last 5 songs are the calm. Enjoy.