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Playlists Of Life - ...feat. Tunechi

Here’s a 30 song collection of some of Lil Wayne’s most memorable verses and hooks when on songs with other music artists. A legend in his own right with a ground breaking catalog as well as a highly respected resume, let’s all enjoy Tunechi’s contribution to the music industry as we anxiously and impatiently wait for the infamous Carter 5 to drop.

Motzy says....."Let’s not forget, one of the most featured music artist of our generation. To be honest, I was never really a Weezy fan but his level of confidence and consistency had me checking out songs every now and then. What was most appealing though is that every time a new hit record came out he was featured on it and that said a lot about his statue in the music industry. I had to respect it. There were soo many dope verses, catchy hooks and crazy phrases. So trying to narrow down a selection of songs to make this playlist legit I had to draw from the ones that I personally felt that Lil Wayne got the most busy on. So here’s MY Top 30, ...featuring Tunechi. Enjoy."