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Playlists Of Life - THEN & NOW (Vol. 2)

Featuring popular Hip-Hop and R&B songs being streamed right after the original song that it was sampled or covered from! Our 2nd volume to the THEN & NOW series has a match up of 10 of your favorite songs to the 10 original songs. If you've ever wondered what record was used to create Wu-Tang's "C.R.E.A.M." or what was the original version of Mary J.'s "I'm Goin' Down" cover. Here's our 2nd installment to the THEN & NOW series that exposes it all.

Motzy Says..... 
I honestly couldn't wait to drop this second volume. With records like "What's Free" and "Uproar" tearing up the charts and giving us the feel of "What's Beef" and "Special Delivery", I had to stretch this out to 10 songs. I really went searching for some classics and I pulled out some fan favorites. I honestly love this one better than volume 1. Sorry. Ha! Enjoy!