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Playlists Of Life - Urban Duet Royalty

Featuring classic Rap, R&B and Pop songs with a female and/or male rapper or singer.  Here's 23 songs and 2 bonus videos of some of our favorite duets from your Kings & Queens of crossover urban music. This is what Hip-Hop Royalty sounds like. 

Motzy Says... "I listened to this playlist driving around for like a whole week. I kept rearranging songs and taking certain songs off so that it could have a cohesiveness to it. What better way to start it with the Puba and Mary record and to end it with the Chainz and Ariana record. Everything in the middle was either by or from these two songs. I had to add the two bonus records as videos not only because they weren't on Spotify but because visually they were classics!!! Hope you all enjoyed!"