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Playlists Of Life - Dreams: A Ville Of Chasers (A Meek Mill & J. Cole Collection)

Here's a dope back and forth mix of some of our favorite songs from Meek Mill and J. Cole taken from their last 5 projects. 36 Rap classics, 18 a piece of bangaz! This is for the “Dreamers” “Chasing” through the “Ville”
Motzy Says....

"What better way to rep for the home team Philly spitta and one of my favorite MC’s from Fayetteville than a combined playlists with some of my favorite songs from both. I found myself constantly going back and forth between their catalogs as I played music in my car so I thought why not make a full project out of it. At first I was just gonna keep it for my own enjoyment but this was just too dope not to share. So if you’re a Meek Mill or J. Cole Fan, hopefully this will make you a fan of both."