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Playlists Of Life - When R&B Was Rhythm and Blues (Vol. 1 of 4)

When R&B Was Rhythm and Blues, Volume 1 of 4 comprised of 25 songs of some of the original R&B that shaped the sound of Rhythm & Blues that we’ve all grown to love. From the likes of Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Gladys Knight and many more, come listen to the music that our parents grew up on.

Motzy Says......
"Early on music artists like James Brown, Aretha Franklin and The O’Jays created a sound of music that blended soul, country funk and pop. Mostly based around the ins and outs of love and relationships, we would later deem this sound as rhythm and blues because of it’s melodies combined with storytelling. Broken down into 4 volumes of 25, we start off giving you some of our personal favorites most call classics to start this series off. Hope you enjoyed volume 1. 3 more to go. Stay tuned....."