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JoinDaCrowd Radio: (Episode 25) Greatest Hip-Hop Groups


Motzy Says....... 

"With the likes of The Lox and The Migos, we still get the feel and sound of what it's like to see a Hip-Hop/Rap group still prosper since the days of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Run-DMC and NWA. When I was putting this playlist together I wasn't expecting it to be 60 songs and 4+ hours but with soo many great groups out there I couldn't stop adding to it. When I finally got to the end, I realized that the "hip-hop group" was becoming damn near extinct. The Migos, yes The Migos are probably the last of the rap groups that I can say left a mark and really influenced the culture. Now there are collectives out there like Griselda but I don't see them as a group because they are considered a label of MC's, kinda like D-Block, so I can only hope that more great groups will emerge, but for now l hope you guys enjoyed this bundle of classics. Oh yeah, even though they didn't make MY playlist, shouts to groups like The Beastie Boys, Kris-Kross, The Lost Boyz as well as House Of Pain."

Motzy goes into full detail of each song on this playlist through it's origin, sample, producers, recording process, track listing and more. The audio version is courtesy of Spotify and the video version is courtesy of Youtube. As always go back and listen to the  'Greatest Hip-Hop Groups' playlist so you can see why this episode was made. Enjoy!