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Get to know Antzilla... The Producer

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Antzilla, first name Anthony had dreams of being a DJ after listening to DJ Quicksilver’s song Bellisima on the radio at the age of 12, and wondering how that scratched sound was achieved. Going through school becoming top of the class in music, Anthony got a keyboard one Christmas and started to have some private piano lessons after school.

A few years on Anthony was reinspired to become a DJ after watching a Limp Bizkit music video and seeing how that scratched sound was achieved from DJ Lethal on the turntables.

In the summer of 2001 Anthony bought some turntables so he could join a band with his friends and be the DJ - (DJ Madnness was born). Before the first band practice Anthony went and bought five 70’s / 80’s records from the second hand shop in the high street so he could make that scratched sound, not knowing what a battle record was.

After a few months Anthony left the band as his music tastes were changing, and the love for BMX riding was taking up most of his time so the turntables where left in his room to gather dust.

Sitting in his room one night looking at the turntables, Anthony decided to make a go of it on his own, blowing the dust from the turntables - Anthony started to read and research the art of Turntablism.

After buying a few battle records, Anthony had all the common sounds used for scratching and would practice every night after work, and recording onto the computer. Starting to get more confident, Anthony started to buy Rap and RnB records and used his skill of turntablism within his mixes.

Anthony soon upgraded his equipment and started using Vestax PDX 2000 turntables and a Vestax PMC 06 mixer.

In 2002 Anthony was given a CD called E-Jay, a sample based music production software for the PC. Getting used to the basic music building skills, Anthony started to sample drums from his records and arrange them to make his own drum patterns using Fruity Loops software. Anthony would then have a few friends round from work who would write and record to the beats.

Early 2004 Anthony passed one of his beats to a contact online and it was used by an up and coming Rap artist Lowkey for his first mix tape - Key To The Game Vol. 1. After hearing how good it sounded professionally to have an artist over his beat it encouraged him to start making more music, this time without pre made samples. Anthony learned how to use the simple functions of the very powerful software called Reason, buying a Midi keyboard to plug into the PC Anthony quickly regained his piano skills and started to compose music that was unique.

Now 2010 inspired by so many different producers with different styles Anthony has learned a lot about music production and found his style. Now has produced music for recording artists all over the world, getting better with each production and sounding more professional than ever.