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Get to know Fantom... The DJ

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It all started in July 1981... No that’s not the year Dj Fantom decided he wanted to be a dj, that was the year he was born. See, unlike a lot of djs who woke up 1 day and decided it would be cool to be a dj, Dj Fantom was BORN A DJ. His mother (R.I.P.) would tell you stories of how when he was young as 3 he would mess with her record player trying to scratch. Of course then he didn’t know what he was doing, why he was doing it or what it would lead to 

People often ask Fantom how long he’s been dj’ing. And it’s a hard question to answer. The technically correct answer would be all his life. The conventional answer would be roughly 14 years off and on, starting off officially at the age of 14 doing mobile dj’ing for all age groups, Fantom learned how to mix and blend all kinds of music from 60’s music to today’s hip hop and every thing in between. Also early on with inspiration from such dj’s as Grand Master Flash, J azzy Jeff, Dj Scratch, X Men (now known as X-ecutioners) and many other Turntablists of the time , Dj Fantom learned to cut, scratch ,beat juggle and trick mix , and can hold his own with today’s top tablists 

Dj Fantom has gone on to accomplish many things. He has dj’ed in many venues throughout NYC such as Remote Lounge, B.B.kings, Diesel store (both locations), Dj Honda flag ship store, Sketchers Store, S.O.B’s, Bar Below, Bar 169, Bar16 (now known as karma), Bowery Poetry Cafe, Denials (Now known as 46Grand), Dragon Fly, Five Spot Supper Club (NY), Halcyon, Madame X, Opaline, The Cutting Room, Parlay Lounge, S.U.N.Y. Purchase, 247 Lounge, Flute, via lounge, Ludlow bar, De’river , Identity Lounge, Onyx lounge, and many more venues around the city and Burroughs. Fantom has also dj’d for and/or done shows with several artist including the band Auquavibe, The Game Rebellion, Theodore unit, Sean Price (Ruck from Helta Skelta), Zepps, and many other artists.  Dj Fantom can be seen/heard Every Monday  from 6pm -8pm (est) on FANTOM RADIO at and has several mixtape projects coming soon.

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