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VIDEO: Jayy Starr - "A Day with Jayy" (Episodes 4-6)

Part 2
Filmed around September to December, get ready to get to know the Jayy Starr away from the music.... Kinda! Lol! 

Episodes 2-4 of a day with Jayy Starr. 
Since you have ya popcorn already, you may just be a little thirsty by now, so go get ya self something to drink real quick before you start the next 3 episodes.

Videos after the Jump...

In this episode see Jayy , Mikey & FLo (Luxury Gang) on a regular day in the LUX life as they do and interview & photoshoot.

In this episode see Jayy as she is in the studio with buzzing hip hop trio Pro City.

In this episode see Jayy as she & friends enjoy a day at Chuck E Cheeses...Where a kid can be a kid lol.

So Jayy Starr knocked out a photo shoot, studio session and had some fun lil kid style at Chuck E Cheeses. See... told you it's not always about the music. Lol!

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