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VIDEO: Jayy Starr - "A Day with Jayy" (Episodes 7-9)

Part 3
Filmed around September to December get ready to get to know the Jayy Starr away from the music.... Kinda! Lol! 

Episodes 7-9 of a day with Jayy Starr. 

So by now you're probably full off popcorn and drank all ya soda or whatever you were drinking and probably have go to the bathroom. Lol! So hurry up and get that out the way before you start the next 3 episodes.

Videos after the Jump...

In this episode see Jayy & comrade Buccc Strictland as they have a luxurious day. Freestyles & phonecalls to Atlanta's hottest station v103 to get Jayy Starr's single "Knock Knock" on air. 

In this episode see Jayy & special guests Fe Raw and Julian from The Rangers as they record the newest banger on the list "This Is True". 

In this episode see Jayy record her newest single "Believer" produced by Closer Productions 

Ok you got us.... These episodes were ALL about music! Lol! Recording sessions, freestyles and calling up radio stations. Hey this is what makes this young lady soo good at her craft! Don't worry we got more coming. Go take a break and get ya self some dinner or something but be sure to...

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