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Playlists Of Life - Rap's Best Posse Cutz

Here it is! 'Rap's Best Posse Cutz'! When your favorite rap artist added a few more rappers to a dope song to make it an even doper song! A young Nas on "Live At The Barbeque" and a young Jay-Z on "Da Graveyard" had the spotlight on them when they were featured on these Main Source and Big L records. The dope Tribe' record "Scenario" and NORE's "Banned From TV" were Posse Cut Bangers!! So here’s a collection of 33 of those same type of records featuring some of you favorite rap artists of all time and 4 honorable mentions in the form of videos, LL Cool J's "4,3,2,1", Boogie Down Productions' "Self Destruction", Marley Marl & The Juice Crew's "The Symphony" and NWA's "We All In The Same Gang". Enjoy! 


"Self Destruction"

"The Symphony" 

"We All In The Same Gang"

Motzy Says.... 
"I use to get excited when some of my favorite rappers would have the dope collaboration records with other groups or anywhere between 2 to 5 different music artist. It not only set the tone for unity in the music industry but made everybody on the record kinda compete with each other in a way on who could deliver the better verse to make the whole song an overall banger! I'm blessing y'all with 33 of my favorite posse cuts and then 4 classic visuals of some of super classic posse cuts. Enjoy!"