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Playlists Of Life - That 1 Hot Hit!!!

Most consider them one hit wonders but these rappers and their songs were on 🔥🔥🔥 when they dropped! These 30 rap hits shook up the Billboard charts creating some of the best phrases and dances used worldwide only to spotlight the artist once on the Hot 100! There were soo many other songs that could have fit this playlist but sonically, sequencing these 30 made sense when we went through the timeline of records that stood out for each era. 

Motzy Says..... 
"What's really considered a 1 hit wonder? That one record that made you successful and then you just dropped off or that one record that solidified your career to where nothing else you put out could top that? I say both. These 30 rap songs to me had really big moments, soo big that nobody really cared what the artist put out after that or should I say didn't have a bigger impact. Either way, these records top the charts and most of these artists will probably never make a song as impactful as theses records, past, present and future..... In My Opinion. Enjoy!"