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Playlists Of Life - Featuring..... Jeezy (The Hits + Bangas & Remixes)

52 songs featuring Jeezy from Atlanta through his hit records, collaborations, street records, club bangas and remixes with everybody from Jay-Z to Rick Ross, Usher, Rihanna, T.I., Lil Wayne and soo many more. If you've ever had a favorite Jeezy verse, I can bet its on this mix. Curated by MotzyDaCrowd and streaming only Spotify. Come listen to over 3 hours of the Snowman. 

Motzy Says....
"From Trap Or Die to TM104 and probably over 100 features, it took me some time to choose these Jeezy tracks to comprise this playlist. I ended up with 52 that I broke down in 3 categories of the hits, the bangas and the remixes. I listened to it for about 2 weeks while arranging the songs in and order that would flow as if it was telling a story. One of the first music artist from the streets that I saw sell more records than he had Twitter/IG followers at that time. This is my salute to the Snowman. 
Hope you all enjoyed."