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Playlists Of Life - How I Listen To Hov

To celebrate turning 50 years old legendary rapper and businessman Jay-Z of Rocafella/Roc Nation decided to put his music back on the Spotify streaming platform. We decided to create a playlist around this celebration starting from his first album 'Reasonable Doubt' to his latest album '4:44', giving you a musical timeline of all our favorite records from each and every album. This is a little over 4 hours and 60 songs of some of the best Jigga verses ever with dope features from Mary J. Blige to Biggie to UGK and great production from the likes of Swizz Beatz to Pharrell and Timbaland. Come take this music journey with us as we zone out to the best of Sean Corey Carter.

Motzy Says....
 "Damn man, I couldn’t wait for this to happen. After putting out 19 playlists and feeling incomplete because I couldn’t put a full Jay-Z song on any of them, was I really doing my due diligence as a curator of Hip-Hop music? I mean I would get the featured verses from others artists songs but it’s nothing like having a Hov song on your playlist. When the OG turned 50 and gave Spotify the green light to stream his catalog I had to jump on this quick! Hope y’all enjoyed it because I know I did!"