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Join Da Crowd Radio: (Episode 1) HATE

Motzy goes into full detail of each song on this playlist through it's origin, sample, producers, recording process, track listing and more. The audio version is courtesy of Spotify and the video version is courtesy of Youtube. As always go back and listen to the HATE so you can see why this episode was made. Enjoy!

"Experiencing hate regardless if it comes from your friends, family, coworkers, the person you’re with, the person you used to be with, the people you’re around or just some random person on the street is something we all can relate to. When I sat down and put this playlist together I wanted to catch all levels of emotion surfacing around the word hate. Featuring some of your favorite music artist past and present. The first 5 songs are the hype, the middle 5 songs are the storm and the last 5 songs are the calm."