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Join Da Crowd Radio (Episode 3) Kalifornia Luv

Motzy goes into full detail of each song on this playlist through it's origin, sample, producers, recording process, track listing and more. The audio version is courtesy of Spotify and the video version is courtesy of Youtube. As always go back and listen to the KALIFORNIA LUV playlist so you can see why this episode was made. Enjoy!

"My first experience in Cali was about 4 years ago when I took myself for my birthday for a week. I went in with the mind set of all the stereotypes from the celebrity sightings, the weather, the weed and the gang banging. When I got there, it was more chill and laid back then I expected. Everywhere from Inglewood, to Compton, to Long Beach, to L.A. and Hollywood was just a dope experience. The food was good, shopping was fun, the events were poppin and the people were awesome. If I could explain it all in music, this playlist would be the soundtrack."